Tree Inventory 2019-2021

Tree inventory report released October 2019.

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The Friends of Petrie Island, in partnership with the Ottawa Stewardship Council (OSC) and Ottawa Field Naturalists’ Club (OFNC), conducted a tree inventory on 17-18 August 2019. Enthusiastic volunteers helped measure and record information about the trees on the island. 

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This was a great opportunity to learn about trees and the natural history of Petrie Island!  Tree experts provided instruction to the volunteers on how to take measurements and helped with tree identification.  The location of invasive species was also documented.

This year focused on trees in the middle of the island, which is known for its Hackberrys and tree diversity.  Please see the current listing under the Nature section of this website.

Check out iNaturalist for more information

Inventory team leaders are:

  • Owen Clarkin – OFNC Conservation Committee Chair, well-known for his deep knowledge of trees.
  • Janet Mason – OSC Chair, field naturalist, and tree enthusiast.

Other tree-knowledgeable team leaders from the field naturalist community will be recruited to work with volunteers.

If you are interested in future tree inventory activities, please email:

Volunteer Information

More detailed information will be provided when you register. 

  • Parking will be free for volunteers.
  • Volunteers will work in pairs with support from a team leader.  You will measure the tree’s circumference with a tape measure, and record this along with its species, GPS location, height estimate, and other data.
  • Equipment will be provided.
  • Bring your lunch.  Refreshments will be provided.
  • Bring bug spray and sun screen.
  • You will be walking off-trail through bush.  There is poison ivy on the island and some areas may be wet.  Waterproof boots, long pants and socks are recommended..  Open shoes (e.g. sandals) are not suitable.