AL TWEDDLE Picnic Area

The picnic areas are located to the west of the main beach area.  It contains a number of mature trees that provide welcome shade.  There is also a beach suitable for small children.


Approximately 40 picnic tables are in the picnic area, available from May to October.
The picnic tables are on  a first-come first-served basis although a reservation will protect a table for your group.  Rates are $10.00 per table or $5.00 per table for members.
A reservation is required if you plan to bring a barbeque. The reservation will serve as your barbeque permit. Please note that charcoal barbecues are NOT permitted.

FOPI also offers tent rentals to provide shelter for activities and events. It has portable sides and can be enclosed.  It can be rented out for special events at $100 for a half day ( 4 hours or less).
or $125 for a full day ( more than 4 hours)

To reserve picnic tables or tent, please complete the form below.  A Friends of Petrie Island staff member will contact you.  Please indicate which picnic area is preferred.
Area 1: The tent (full shade and rain protection)
Area 2a/b: Close to the Nature Centre (shade, close to beach)
Area 3a/b: Shade, closest to the toilets.
Area 4: By the boat launch

Users of the picnic area are reminded:

  • Gas BBQ’s are only permitted with a permit from the City of Ottawa.  Within the Al Tweddle Picnic Area, the permit is generated as part of the picnic area rental form (see above).
  • Campfires and charcoal grills are not permitted.  There is no place to safely dispose of the coals.
  • No alcohol is permitted.
  • 9 pm curfew.
  • No dogs are allowed on the island.
  • Clean up afterwards.
  • Respect nature- don’t feed those cute looking animals, don’t catch the frogs or turtles, don’t pick the nice flowers.

(An additional picnic area in Stuemer Park is also available.  Please contact the City of Ottawa at 613-580-2683 for information about rentals.)

Washrooms are located at the beach by the lifeguard station. Washrooms are open from the Victoria Day weekend in May to the Labour Day weekend in September.  Portable washrooms are also available from early May til the end of September.

Send an email to for further information.