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Memberships and Donations

Friends of Petrie Island – Annual Individual Membership $10

Friends of Petrie Island – Annual Family Membership $25

Large Tent Picnic Area Reservations

Large Tent (area 1) half-day reservation $100

Large Tent (area 1) full-day reservation $125

Large Tent (area 1) half-day (members rate) $90

Large Tent (area 1) full-day (members rate) $110

Small Picnic Area Reservations

Picnic area 2 or 3 full-day reservation (non-member) $10

Picnic area 2 or 3 full-day reservation (member) $5

Naturalist Program Registration

Naturalist Program (member) $10

Naturalist Program (non-member) 1-5 people $15

Naturalist Program (non-member) 6-10 people $20

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