Before you visit

Welcome to Petrie Island, a small wilderness of natural and scientific interest and a provincially Significant Wetland. It is a City of Ottawa park made up of conservation and picnic areas which are managed by volunteers with The Friends of Petrie Island, as well as sandy beaches and parking, that are operated by the City of Ottawa.
Our shared aim is to provide enjoyment for our visitors while protecting the plants and wildlife found on the Island and preserving its ecological integrity for future generations.  You can help.

Respect City of Ottawa park rules:Impact on Petrie IslandImpact on visitors
Stay on the trails.Going off trail may damage endangered plants, trample sensitive root systems and disturb wildlife. Itmay also introduce invasive species, compact the soiland erode the shorelines.This protects you from thorny or stinging plants as well as biting insects such as ticks.
Dogs are NOT PERMITTED ANYWHERE on the Island.Even dogs on leash may stress wildlife, disturb nesting birds, and can alter habitat. Invasive plants and insects may be transported on dog fur.Service dogs excepted.  It creates a more peaceful visit.  Breaches may result in $100 fine.
Do not harass, disturb, capture, chase or otherwise harm any animal (including frogs and turtles and bird eggs).  This includes baiting animals for photography.
No drones.
It may injure the animal, negatively affect reproduction and feeding behaviours and may disturb the overall integrity of sensitive ecosystems.This protects and preserves the high quality nature experience.  Breaches may result in $205 fine.
Dispose of garbage properly in receptacles or take it with you.Wildlife may be harmed by ingesting plastics,chemicals and processed foods. They may becomeentangled in bags and food containers. Gradual disintegration allows plastics and chemical to enter the environment.Litter is unsightly and affects the overall enjoyment of visitors.  Breaches may result in $205 fine.
Do not damage, pick or remove any plants , including fallen trees or branches and springtime fiddleheads.This threatens the approximately 30 endangered plant species particularly, and potentially harms the overall balance of Petrie Island’s ecosystems.  Plants and trees are important shelter and food for wildlife.This protects and preserves the high quality nature experience.  Breaches may result in $100 fine.
Do not ride your bike on nature trails.They may damage the trails and surrounding vegetation. Slow moving wildlife, insects, frogs, turtles may be injured. Bikes may be hazardous for adults and children also on the trails. Breaches may result in $100 fine.
No campfires or charcoal barbeques. Permits are required for propane barbeques.Fires kill wildlife and devastates habitats.Park would no longer be accessible.  Breaches may result in $205 fine.
Do not fish except in designated areas on Basswood and Sunrise Trails, and along the causeway.Fishing line and lost hooks are hazardous to wildlife.  Shorelines become eroded and compacted.  It will protect and preserve the high quality nature experience.  
Do not feed the wildlife. Feeding makes animals overly friendly/ aggressive and encourages dependency.It protects the integrity of the ecosystems for us to enjoy.
Consumption of alcohol, and smoking and vaping of tobacco, cannabis or any other substance is prohibited.Animals may ingest leftover products which are toxic and hazardous to animals.  This supports safe family-friendly environments.  Breaches may result in $205 fine.
Observe park hours (open 5:00 am to 9:00 pm)
 ( no overnight camping).
Noise and activity disturbs nocturnal wildlife.There is increased risk of injury as there is no lighting. Breaches may result in $100 fine
Respect fellow visitors.  Loud noise, taking excessive space on the trail and unexpected passing (joggers and bikers please note), detract from the peace and relaxation people enjoy.