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Parking at Petrie Island

There are 320 public parking spaces near the beach at Petrie Island, operated by the City of Ottawa.  Unfortunately you must pay to park here.  Rates are $2 for 5 hours, 07:00-18:00, 7 days a week.  Your car must display the parking permit which you obtain from one of four Pay-and-Display stations.  These machines accept coins and credit cards.

Parking is regularly enforced by city bylaw officers.  Parking is not permitted on the roadways.  There is limited free parking near the causeway, mostly used by fishers.

These parking meters often cause complaints from patrons, because the machines are broken or due to the vigilance of the bylaw officers.  The Friends of Petrie Island have nothing to do with the parking lots or the pay policy adopted by the City of Ottawa.  Any complaints should be directed to the City of Ottawa by calling 311, or by contacting the Ottawa bylaw department.

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