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A Small Wilderness

The Friends of Petrie Island
Interpretive Program

Our theme: A Small Wilderness the Petrie Islands, only a few hundred hectares of wetlands, are surprisingly rich in natural experiences, considering their proximity to a large urban center.

We are constantly improving our interpretive program, including displays at the picnic area, information folders and organized trail walks, with the generous assistance of knowledgeable volunteer naturalists from the Ottawa Field Naturalists' Club.

We welcome all participants in organized events, and our small group is always in need of new volunteers. Contact us if you are interested in helping out with maintenance on picnic facilities and trails, the interpretive program or events.

Volunteers working for you!

The Interpretive Centre, operated with funds from memberships, donations and grants, is open daily in July and August and weekends from May to Thanksgiving.


For more information on Petrie Island's wildlife, plants and environment, check out the variety of displays, books, folders and other information at the Interpretive Centre conservation, wildlife, local history, geology are all included, and vary over time.


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