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Poetry installation at Petrie Island

Friends of Petrie Island have partnered with Rout/e to install five poems in the Grand Maître Ecological Reserve.  Poems can be found along Turtle Trail, in the wildflower garden and along Bill Holland trail.  (Pictured are two of the poets - Pearl Pirie and Roland Prevost with their poems after installation.)  Come on out and discover some wonderful inspiring writers' creations amidst a natural setting!

Thanks to Chris Turnbull and all the poets who contributed their work!

Petrie Island in the Autumn

Have you been down to Petrie Island this Autumn? There are still lots of flowers blooming and soon the leaves will be changing! Come see the Jewelweed, Closed Gentian, Asters and Turtleheads - some have been signed along the Turtle Trail and in the Wildflower Garden so that you can learn about the flowers and identify them in their natural setting. There have even been some hummingbirds spotted on the island!

Our Nature Interpretation Centre is open on the weekends (10 a.m. - 5 p.m.) and feel free to join us for some outdoor activities this fall:

Saturday September 20th at 9:30 am: Woody Plants of Petrie Island Nature Walk - Registration Required (see Nature Walks (add link to underlined part) webpage for details)

Wednesday, September 24th at 10 am: Children's Fall Nature Program - Fully-subscribed - Thanks for the interest!

Saturday September 27th at 10 am: Join the Biodiversity Crew and help protect the Island (invasive species removal and tree wrapping)

For more details please see the Events webpage.

Nature Interpretive Centre

The Nature centre can be opened anytime during the season, (May 1 to end of Oct) for interested groups. It will normally be open daily from June 1 to end of August, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

In the fall you will find the Nature Centre open on weekend from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Come down to Petrie Island to see fall wildflowers blooming and the gorgeous autumn colours. See you on the island!

For information contact Al at: 

Beach and City Recreational Programming

All of Ottawa's beaches will be officially open and supervised between Saturday June 21 to Sunday August 17, 2014. Lifeguards are on duty from noon to 7 PM.

The washrooms for the beaches will be opened May 17 to September 1, 2014, Monday to Thursday 10:30 am - 9 PM, Friday to Sunday 10:30 am - 7 PM.

Parking fees will be in place at Petrie from May 17 to September 1.

Volleyball net rentals: $15 per hour or $50 per day, stand up paddleboards $20 per hour.
Inquire at any beach’s Lifeguard office. Join a volleyball league. Call 613-580-2854.

Book your event at the beach. Contact City Wide Allocations at 613-580-2595 or e-mail

2014 Water Quality

Using the water quality statistics provided by the City of Ottawa, we show below the number of days for which the beach was officially closed.  We also show the number of days on which the E. coli count exceeded 100.  This is not the same as when the beaches are officially closed, which is 200 counts. 

For water quality statistics from previous years, click here.


Beach Red Flag Days Days over 100 E. coli
Britannia 4 0
Mooneys Bay 9 7
Westboro 12 9
Petrie Island River Beach 16 12
Petrie Island East Beach 8 4

Visitor Contributed Photos on Web Site

We welcome photographs provided by visitors to Petrie Island.  We can now offer to publish them on our web site.  Click here to visit the contributed photos page.  The first album contains instructions on how to submit photos.  If it all seems like too much work for you, just email your photos and we will do all the work for you.


The Native Flora Program at Petrie Island has been made possible in part due to OTF funding

Get Involved

Want to know more about FOPI Membership or Volunteering?

Find out more here: Get Involved

In the Know

Friends of Petrie Island annual report 2013 is now available.

Management Plan Final Report - Report by Dan Brunton to the City of Ottawa with an assessment of the natural environment.

Petrie Island stewardship plan updated.  The Friends of Petrie Island and the Ottawa Stewardship Council have prepared a draft Stewardship Plan for Petrie Island. The draft plan was presented to the Ottawa Forests and Advisory Committee (OFGAC) in November, 2007. Following the presentation, OFGAC recommended that the Parks and Recreation Branch Work with FOPI and the OSC to finalize and implement the Stewardship Plan.

Species at Risk Turtle Survey 2008 July 2008
2008 is the fourth consecutive year that there have been confirmed sightings of Blanding’s turtles on Petrie Island. One was seen in 2005, two in 2006, one in 2007, and two in 2008.

Experimental Turtle Nesting Site  In June 2009, the Friends of Petrie Island and the Ottawa Stewardship Council undertook a project, in cooperation with the City of Ottawa, to expand and enhance a turtle nesting site for species at risk and other turtles. The objective was to try and attract nesting turtles to an area that was less subject to high human use, and thereby promote better hatchling survival.  Read the report here.

Petrie Island is a complex of islands and wetlands located on the south shore of the Ottawa River in suburban Ottawa, Canada. It features a large public beach, boat launch, interpretation center, and an extensive nature preserve with access trails where you may view many birds, reptiles and other animals as well as rare trees and other plant species.

The site is owned by the City of Ottawa, which operates the beach. The Friends of Petrie Island operate the interpretation center and oversee the nature preserve, which covers most of the western portion of the site.

When You Visit

The Petrie Island area consists of wetlands and backwaters that are environmentally sensitive. When you visit, please be respectful of the site and mindful of others.

Dogs are prohibited everywhere on Petrie Island.

Stay on trails - do not disturb or harm wildlife, pick wildflowers or damage trees and other plants. Many birds and animals inhabit and breed in this area.

Do not catch turtles and frogs along the shoreline. It is illegal to catch turtles or disturb their nests; handling of frogs can harm them (you are toxic to them) and the shoreline is easily damaged by trampling

Do not fish along the Turtle Trail or beaches – discarded fish hooks and lines are dangerous to people and to wildlife.

Bicycles are not allowed on the trails.

Do not litter.

If you observe wild animals acting strangely, please let staff know.

Fires and camping are prohibited.


Les îles Petrie forment un complexe de terres humides et d’îles sur la rive droite de la rivière des Outaouais, à Ottawa, Canada. On y trouve une plage publique, une rampe de mise à l’eau, un centre d’interprétation et une réserve naturelle offrant une variété d’oiseaux, de reptiles et autres animaux ainsi que des arbres et autres plantes rares.   

Le site appartient à la ville d’Ottawa, qui administre la plage. Les Amis de l’île Petrie gèrent le centre d’interprétation et supervisent la réserve, qui occupe le plus clair de la partie ouest du site.



Votre visite

Les îles Petrie consistent en terres humides et étangs don’t l’écologie est délicate. Respectez le lieu et les autres visiteurs.

Les chiens sont interdits partout sur l’île Petrie.

Restez sur les sentiers - ne nuisez pas aux plantes et animaux sauvages - plusieurs oiseaux et animaux vivent et se reproduisent sur le site.

Ne touchez pas les grenouilles et tortues. Il est interdit par la loi de capturer les tortues ou de déranger leurs nids; les grenouilles sont sensibles à la manipulation (votre toucher leur est toxique) et la circulation endommage les berges.

Ne pêchez pas le long du sentier des Tortues ou des plages - les hameçons perdus et lignes posent des dangers et nuisent à la faune.

Vélos interdits sur les sentiers.

Ne laissez pas de déchets.

Rapportez au au personnel tout comportement inusité des animaux.

Les feux et le camping sont interdits.


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