Panoramas of Petrie Island

These are wide panoramic images of Petrie Island, taken by Al Tweddle in 2002.  Click on an image to view a full-size image.  Note that some images are quite large.

Some browsers will reduce the size of the image to fit your screen.  The original images are several thousand pixels wide.  To view at full resolution, your browser may display an icon if you hold the mouse pointer over the image; click this icon to zoom to full size.  You can then pan across the image using the scroll bars on the browser.

 Crappy Bay canoe launch 488 kB
 Bait shop marsh (looking west) 547 kB
 Crappy Bay (looking east) 508 kB
Crappy Bay combined 1252 kB
 Main channel (looking west) 314 kB
 Muskrat Bay 1049 kB
 Turtle Pond 618 kB

This image is an almost 360 view of Crappy Bay.  It is in Quicktime Virtual Reality (QTVR) format.  To view it, click on the image to the right.  You can rotate your viewpoint as if you are turning around. You must have Apple Quicktime installed on your computer.  To download QT, visit Apple's site and look for their free Quicktime viewer.

 Crappy Bay (Quicktime VR) 809 kB
 Some sounds of the island for you to enjoy on a cold winter's evening. Sounds of the forest