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How to get involved

There are various ways you can help or get involved. We can use more hands to get the maintenance and improvement work done, and we would benefit from volunteers who want to help with the native wildflower garden or natural history interpretation/walks.

We can use any relevant information you might have about the islands, their history, geology, plants and animals, and also photographs.

  • Become a Friend of Petrie Island for $10 per year
  • Attend one of the spring cleanups and open houses
  • Attend one of the regular monthly meetings
  • Attend the annual general meeting
  • Come out and help with maintenance work or wildscaping Wednesday mornings (May-October)
  • Come to the island on a summer weekend and share your adventure/photos with us
  • Consider a family membership to enjoy membership discounts and special events

For further information please contact the chairman of Friends of Petrie Island, Al Tweddle at 824-1188, or send him e-mail.

We are also always looking for those who can volunteer for special island clean ups, invasive species removal and/or planting days. If you want your name added to the “Petrie Biodiversity Crew” list for notification of occasional outdoor volunteer activities please send an email to petrie.coordinator at gmail dot com.

The Friends of Petrie Island



The Friends of Petrie Island was formed in November 1997 and a constitution was approved in October 1998. It was incorporated in 2002.  The volunteer organization consists of a 10-person executive which holds regular meetings the third Tuesday of each month, as well as a spring and fall general meeting. The yearly membership fee is $10.


Information on becoming a member of Friends of Petrie Island is here.


* Development of comprehensive plans that will harmoniously blend the natural beauty and ecological values of the island along with its use for passive recreation purposes

* Participation in development and operation of nature trails and picnic areas

* Encouraging public awareness and participation in the planning and use of this area, including development of interpretive nature programs

* Providing and coordinating volunteers to achieve these aims


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