Bill Bower (25 Sep 2016)

Twenty years ago you wouldn’t have found any of these three butterflies around Petrie Island or around Ottawa for that matter.

All three were found down the Bill Holland Trail within about 300 – 400 yards of one another. I found the Buckeye on Sept. 15th.  Their northern range would be northern New York State and Southern Ontario, Sightings around Ottawa  over the years have been few and far between. One year there was a small colony located in the Ottawa area which meant that a female with eggs made it this far north. They would not have survived the winter. All old sightings were made in September as well. There has never been a sighting reported from Petrie Island that anyone can remember.  I wonder with global warming has anything to do with it.

common-buckeye-at-pi-15-sep-2016-4 compton-tortoiseshell-at-pi-10-jul-2016 hackberry-emperor-at-pi-7-jul-2016-1