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Water Quality at Petrie

The City of Ottawa tests the water quality at all their beaches daily during the summer.  Samples are taken daily for coliform and e-coli bacteria counts. For water quality information, call the Beach Information Line at 613-580-6744, ext. 13219.  The information is updated at noon daily, based on the previous day's water samples.  The present and past readings are also available on the City's website.

A no swimming advisory will be issued if bacteria levels are over 200 E. coli per 100 ml of water tested or if they are over 100 E. coli per 100 ml of water tested on 2 or more consecutive days. A 24-hour no swimming advisory for the north beach will be issued after a rainfall of 20 mm or more.

Please see our archives of water quality at Petrie Island, historical statistics, water quality studies, etc. 

The current beach conditions are shown in the window below -- just scroll down to find Petrie's two beaches.

Current Beach Conditions


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