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Slide Shows

Our favourite nature photographer, Jim Robertson, has highlighted different aspects of Petrie Island over the past years. Jim has done many public showings of these presentations at schools, libraries etc. He can be contacted at robbiecraft@gmail.com if you are interested in having a presentation to your group.

The versions below are at lower resolution for display on the web. Click on one of the images to start the slide show. You can run it at full-screen size too.


Petrie Island Dawn to Dusk

This 10 minute slide show follows a day in the life of Petrie Island.  It begins at dawn and ends at dusk, following the animals and people who visit the island.

The sand piles that you see are no longer there.  The commercial sand extraction business has been replaced by Stuemer Beach.


Petrie Island - Seasons in a Small Wilderness

A 25 minute look at Petrie Island as it changes over the four seasons. 


Birds of Petrie Island

A twelve minute presentation of images and sounds of some of the birds found on Petrie Island.


Turtles of Petrie Island

This 9 minute slide show highlights the animal that is the symbol of Petrie Island. 

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