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RMOC Acquires Petrie Island in 1983

In 1983, the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton purchased Petrie Island from the Grandmaitre family.  At the time, the RMOC was a regional government that oversaw 11 municipalities that made up greater Ottawa.  Petrie Island was in the then-Cumberland Township.  Below are the minutes of the council meeting that eventually led to the purchase of Petrie Island by the RMOC.

Regional Council Report 45 — 2813 — July 13th, 1983.



The Executive Committee has considered Planning Committee Repbrt 14 (see pages 2816 to 2824 ) which transmits the recommendation of the Planning Committee on a proposal that the P~trie Islands be acquired as recreational land in the Ottawa River Corridor.

The Planning Committee, in its review and discussion of the staff report, has recommended:
“That the recommendation (by staff) to acquire Petrie Island be rejected.’ (See page 2822

Executive Committee Discussion

in the course of its review of the Planning Committee Report, the Executive Committee was further briefed by the Director of Property Services on information pertinent to the proposed acquisition.

Some of the considerations mentioned were:

— The purchase price considers the business value as well as the real—estate value of the property;

— The debenture arrangement is a preferred rate and provides to the Region a benefit of $157,000 over 5 years;

— The price is considered to be very reasonable and might be higher if referred to a land compensation board;

— There were no immediate plans to develop the area as recreational property; any decision as to how, where or if this should occur would take place at some future date;

— The acquisition of the property is being looked at mainly, in terms of long term potential rather than for immediate use.

The opinions of the Committee on the proposal were sharply divided. Some of the views expressing opposition were:

— It would be foolish to eliminate this major source of sand in view of the increasing shortage in this area of this material;

— The water quality has not been tested recently and the value of the island for beach and other water recreational activities is dubious;

— The Region should not be involved in active recreation programs and such activities should be left to the area municipalities or to other levels of government;

— The Region has much higher priorities for expenditures and cannot really afford to become involved, inasmuch as development costs subsequent to acquisition could be even more expensive;


Regional Council Report 45 — 2814 — July 13th, 1983.


— While the area may have future potential, it should be developed by others such as the Province or the Federal Government;

— The Region should be merely a facilitator to show others the potential for development.

Some of the opinions supporting the proposal were:

The area has potential for multiple uses and the Region has an obligation to play its part in the recreational field and to take the long term view;

— Over the long term, the land is extremely valuable and with imagination it has many possibilities for development;

— The overall conservation and river corridor policy has been virtually decimated and it is important that those areas still left in the program are acquired;

— Should the Region acquire the land, there are a variety of ways and methods whereby the property might be developed, and which could include other levels of government, such as the Province and Federal Government;

— The Island is being looked at immediately for conservation purposes and only latterly for possible development.

Further to the foregoing discussion the Committee dealt with two motions, as follows:

a) That the Regional Municipality acquire Petrie Island as specified in the staff recommendation.


M. Catterall, A.S. Haydon, G. Macoougall in favour (3 — 3 split vote)

b) That other levels of government be made aware of the potential of Petrie Island for recreational development and that they be urged to look at this property with a view to acquis it ion.


A.S. Haydon dissented

In light of the divided vote on the proposed acquisition, the Committee noted that a report would be referred to Regional Council, without a recommendation by the Executive Committee.

The Property Acquisition Form at page 2325 sets Out finance comments and budgetary information.

Regional Council Report 45 — 2815 — July 13th, 1983.


Executive Committee Recommendations

The Executive Committee, noting the advice of the Planning Committee, and because of the split vote:

1. has transmitted Planning Committee Report 14 to Council, without recomxnendation, and;

2. has recommended that the other levels of government be made aware of the potential of Petrie Island for cecreational development and that they be urged to look at this Property with a view to acquisition.

Councjllor Grandrnaitre declared a conflict of interest on this item stating that there was a family involvement and/or ownership of the subject land. Councillor Grandmaitre did not taken part in any discussion of this item or on Motions 183 and 184.

Regional Council — 2614 — July 13th, 1983.


Moved by Councillor W.G. Mactougall,
Seconded by Councillor N. Smith,

Resolved that the Regional Municipality of Ottawa—Carleton, acquire Petrie Island (Item 1 of Executive Committee Report 45).

‘Carried’ (subject to reconsideration — see Motion 184 on page 2614) on a division of 14 Yeas to 12 Nays as follows:

YEAS: Councillors H. Smith, Bartlett, ‘haput, Dewar, Holmes, Kehoe, MactDouqall, N. Smith, Clark, Holzman, Lavtolette, Catterall, Denison and Hasenack 14

NAYS: Councillors Wytenourq, Gattney, Robert, Allen, Bellemare, Bouwers, Munro, Rywak, Barrett, Bird, Franklin and Hunter 12


Moved by Councillor R.A. Robert,

Seconded by Councillor D. Munro,

Resolved that Council consider a Motion to reconsider Motion 183
(Petrie Island). H

“Carried’ pursuant to section 58 of the rules of procedure on a division of 12 Yeas to 12 Nays as follows:

YEAS: Councillors Wytenburg, Gaffney, Robert, Allen, Bellemare, Bouwers, Munro, Rywak, Barrett, Bird, Franklin and Hunter 12

NAYS: Councillors Bartlett, Chaput, Cewar, Holmes, Kehoe, Macflouqall,

N. Smith, Clark, Laviolette, Catterall, Denison and Hasenack 12

Councillor Grandmaitre declared a conflict of interest on Motion 183 and 184 stating that there was a family involvement and/or ownership in the subject land. Councillor Crandmaitre did not take part in any discussion or vote on Motions 183 and 184.


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