Test Katherine

Hi Katherine.  This is your own test page.  You can do whatever you want to it, as you learn WordPress.  I have added some text below using “ShortCodes”, which are special codes in square brackets.  The particular codes create columns of text, which in my opinion are easier to read.


You can add media by clicking the Add Media button above. This one is aligned right.  It doesn’t actually appear correctly in the editor with the ShortCodes.

CLick the Preview Changes button at the top right to see how it will look.

RIGHT HAND COLUMN  When you are happy with your changes, click the Update button at the top right.  This will save your changes.


lasdf ljk;alsdjf a;lksdjf ;lakjsdf;lkajsd f;lkj laksdj fasndf lkasjdf;lakjs df;lkajs dfl;aksjdf; laksj df;lkajs df;lkasjd foiashdfoaisueroijol.

This type of box is created by a ShortCode inserted by the Add Box button above the tool bar in the editor. You can change the colors and shadows to suit. To see some other examples of ShortCodes, save your current page, then open the page called Test Page.
Beaches to open June 17
The city of ottawa will open all city beaches on June 17.