Native Flora Program – For adults and youths

The Native Flora Program’s objectives are to increase the adult nature programming, protect and enhance the Nature Reserve through invasive species removal and wildscaping and repair trail amenities. This will be done in part through an effort to increase volunteers and members and by attracting more visitors to the island.

Friends of Petrie Island organize work days for volunteers of all ages, as part if this program, to wrap trees in wire mesh as a deterrent to beavers, remove invasive plants and shrubs, replant vegetation and trees and implement measures to discourage Canada geese from nesting on the island.

Adult Nature Walks

Nature walks are held through the warmer season. Sign up for the “Updates from the Island” newsletter or watch on social media for details.

Wildflower Garden

Visitors to the island can learn about native and naturalized flora in the Grandmaitre Ecological Reserve through informational signage that is installed by flowering plants.  FOPI maintains a natural wildflower garden and also signs plants (including aquatics) along the Turtle Trail and Bill Holland Trail.

Native Planting and Invasive Species Control

The volunteer Biodiversity Crew helps protect the biodiversity on the island through native plantings, wrapping trees and eliminating invasive species.  They meet up once a month or so on weekends during the warmer months.



We gratefully acknowledge funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation