Picnic Area


The picnic area is located to the west of the main beach area.  It contains a number of mature trees that provide welcome shade.  There is also a beach suitable for small children.

picnicarea2Approximately 30 picnic tables are in the picnic area, available from May to October.  Several are left year round. The picnic grounds are on  a first-come first-served basis, but two picnic areas can be reserved.  Fire permits can also be obtained for use of the fire pit by calling the City of Ottawa at 613-580-2595.  The picnic area cannot handle groups larger than 100.

Users of the picnic area are reminded: 9 pm curfew, no dogs on the island, no alcohol, clean up afterwards, don’t feed those cute looking animals, don’t catch the frogs or turtles, don’t pick the nice flowers.  If you want to cook food, bring your own gas barbeque — no charcoal please because there is no place to safely dispose of the coals.

Available tent rental for groups
Available tent rental for groups

FOPI offers tent rentals to provide shelter for activities and events. It has portable sides and can be enclosed.  It can be rented out for special events at $100-$125.   Friends of Petrie Island Members receive a discount on tent rentals.

To reserve the tent or picnic tables, please complete FOPI Reservation Form and give to a Friends of Petrie Island staff member at the beach.

– Alcohol is not permitted.
– Campfires and charcoal grills are not permitted.
– Washrooms are located at beach by lifeguard station. Washrooms are open from May 19th to September 3rd.

Send an email to inquiries@petrieisland.org for further information.