Join our 2016 Nature Walk Series! Experts from the Ottawa area will give insights into the ecology and history of the island. Walks occur rain or shine. Hope to see you there!

July 30th at 1 pm – Nature Talk : Micro Plastics in Fragile Wetland Ecosystems with Jesse Vermaire  

Come and join Jesse Vermaire for his exciting talk on his work with Microplastics in the Ottawa River!

Microplastics are small plastic particles (<5mm) that are manufactured for use in cosmetics or occur from the breakdown of larger plastic fragments. These microplastics pose a potential environmental risk because they can attract and concentrate chemical pollutants and are they are eaten by animals reducing their health. Plastic pollution of our oceans is well known but we are only beginning to understand that microplastic pollution is also occurring in Canadian lakes and rivers. Come join us to learn about the types of microplastics we are finding in the Ottawa River and learn how you can help study or reduce microplastic contamination to the River.

Please register by emailing

August 6th – Nature Walk: Trees and Shrubs of Petrie Island:

Petrie Island is well-known for its relatively pristine natural environment, given the close proximity to the urban area of Ottawa. This low island contains a well-preserved natural plant community, with good examples of regionally uncommon woody plants such as Hackberry , Black Willow , and Bladdernut. Come discover this unique ecosystem with us! This guided walk will emphasize interaction and public education, with all questions from participants welcome. Please register by emailing

August 14th at 10:30am- Nature Walk: Flora and Fauna of Petrie Island

Come and Join Ottawa Field Naturalist Members Gordon Robertson and Jacob Mueller! Petrie Island is well known for its relatively pristine environment, and diversity of species, just a short distance from the city! This region has a diversity of species, including abundant turtles (Painted, map, snapping), snakes, birds (Woodpeckers, Herons, Owls), beavers, deer, etc. There is also abundance of plant life, including some regionally rare species such as Black Willow, Hackberry and Butternut. Don’t hesitate to come and learn more about the diversity of creatures inhabiting this area! Please register by emailing or calling 613-402-9227

August 20th at 1pm – Nature Walk: Where The Past Meets the Present – Local and Regional Archeology

Come and Join Andre Miller, for his exciting talk! Andre is the President of the Ottawa Chapter of the Ontario Archeological Society (OAS), and has extensive experience working for Parks Canada. He will detail prehistory of the Ottawa Valley, as well as provide an overview of the OAS. Please register by emailing or calling 613-402-9227


Jan – Feb – Ice fishing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing

Mar – Apr – ice break up, spring flooding, FOPI Membership renewal

May – Jane’s walk, shoreline cleanups,  Adult Nature Walks begin May/June, Public Washrooms opens on long weekend, Wednesday work days start

June – School tours, Junior naturalists, Adult Nature Walks, Lifeguards working

June through August – Junior naturalists, Adult Nature Walks

Sept – Last Adult Nature Walk in September,  Public Washrooms close on Labour day, Portable toilets installed

Oct – Self guided nature walks , work days continue into November, FOPI Annual meeting

Shore fishing ends and ice fishing begins in December depending on weather.

Nature trails are open year round except when flooded – usually April/May