Please find enclosed the report for Trillium Grant # - 9916858 - May 2003 - March 1, 2004


Friends of Petrie Island - TRILLIUM REPORT 


The 2003 projects have been completed:

        Purchased a digital projector and screens. Scanned slides and put our two shows on CD for sale (41 sold to date) and presented 53 shows at various locations including the nature center at Petrie Island

        Improved displays using money from the supplies portion, for printing and lamination of information sheets

        We made 8 display boards including two with Lexon covers. We improved lighting for display of the boards in the center

        Built one platform and one sign post along the trail for nature observation and information as well as control of bicycles along the trail

        Developed two new bilingual pamphlets, one on protection of the environment at Petrie Island explaining the reason for the various rules and the other outlines all the trails on the Island

        Increased donations and memberships allowed us to hire student monitors, which we supplemented with volunteers in order to keep the nature center open daily in July and August and on most weekends in May, June and September

        Approximately 90,000 hours of use were recorded at the picnic area in 2003, up to 350 people have traveled the main trail on special event days, and up to 400 people visited the nature center on peak days

        The number of educational events held was increased from 4 to 7

        Using money from increased donations a turtle blind and display board was partially completed in the late fall

        The Friends of Petrie Island are looking forward to completing the 2004 portion of our grant as outlined in our agreement.


Al Tweddle,




Friends of Petrie Island



Financial statement - February 17, 2004

Board of Directors

Copies of brochures (3)

Pictures of projects:

1 and 2 are the observation platform and display board

3 is the Turtle blind and display board

4 is annual Turtle Day, June 19, 2003

5 is displays inside Interpretive Centre

6 is typical display board - one of eight produced in 2003