Report to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for Funds Received During 2002


Fallingbrook Community Association / Friends of Petrie Island


In 2002, the Friends of Petrie Island, through their sponsor the Fallingbrook Community Association, was awarded a grant from Ontario’s Trillium Foundation.  This is a brief report of what was accomplished with this funding.



 A student was employed with Trillium funds that allowed the site to be open 7 days a week, 10 hours per day during good weather (combined with volunteers).   He:

Ÿ         Contacted schools and organizations to arrange tours - approximately 30 organized and 20 impromptu tours were conducted

Ÿ         Arranged and coordinated 12 volunteer coop students to work on habitat and site improvements, including renovating an abandoned cottage into an interpretive center

Ÿ         Prepared a bilingual questionnaire to sample public preferences for the future of the islands and topics of interest

Ÿ         Pamphlets (4) were prepared and printed on natural aspects of Petrie Island, including a bilingual general brochure, a trail guide and a bird pamphlet

Ÿ         Display boards (3 x 4“) were produced on ecology, trees, shrubs and berries and displayed at the center

Ÿ         Bilingual information sheets on Mink, Muskrat and Raccoons were produced as well as a one page Nature Scavenger hunt

Ÿ         A 20’ x 8’ mural depicting a Petrie Island scene was painted on one outside wall of the center (produced by a coop student)



Ÿ         One 20-minute audiovisual slide presentation, ‘A Year in the Life of the Island’ was completed in 2001, and has been presented to 30 groups, over 1500 people, including 3 schools.

Ÿ         A second 10 minute show ‘Petrie Island Dawn to Dusk’ was also completed this year; this is available as a CD-ROM that displays the show on most PC’s.

Ÿ         Both shows feature wildlife and plants as well as human activities on the Island

Ÿ         Trillium funds were used to present the show and purchase supplies to produce the second show.

Ÿ         Our photographer, a FOPI member, donated materials for the first show and put in over 700 hours in production time as well as using his own equipment to develop and produce these shows. Additional requests for the show continue to be received.

Ÿ         A small reference library was also started featuring nature/reference books

Ÿ         A laptop computer was purchased with Trillium funds to be used on site and on tours to develop shows and information discs about Petrie Island

Ÿ         The computer is a first step in a plan to present audio/visual programs using a digital projector, to be purchased at future date, allowing us to present large scale shows in the future

Ÿ         We were also featured on several TV and radio programs, and newspaper and magazine articles



Ÿ         Monies were used to purchase computer supplies to produce photos and information for display material


The Friends of Petrie Island wish to thank the Trillium Foundation for this past years’ grant. We will be requesting a further 2-year grant to complete our information center and expand our interpretive program into new areas.


Thank you,



Al Tweddle,  Chairman,

Friends of Petrie Island

January 2003