Contributed Photo Gallery Not Working

We are sorry to say that, as of 11 May 2017, our gallery of photos contributed by visitors to Petrie Island, is not working.  The photos are still there, but the access does not work.

We are using an older piece of software called Gallery2 to maintain the photos.  This interfaced to our WordPress software on the web site using a WP plugin called WPG2.  WPG2 is very old software, and was last updated 5 years ago.  It has been generating compatibility errors for a while.  When this plugin is activated, it breaks the entire web site since wpg2 generates errors.  This started after an upgrade to the WP system.

We will continue to look into this problem, or find an alternative way to present user-submitted photos.

David Villeneuve, 23 May 2017

C Howard Donati

David White

Norbert Hache

Justin Counter

Gaylin Lyons

Lainie Cambria

Pat Dornan

Tim Julien