About Friends of Petrie Island

robertson_fopiworkcrew_2005The Friends of Petrie Island  (FOPI) is a group formed in November 1997 with its constitution was approved in October 1998. It was incorporated in 2002. The volunteer organization consists of a 10-person executive which holds regular meetings the third Tuesday of each month, except in high summer, as well as a fall general meeting.

Information on becoming a member of Friends of Petrie Island is here.  The yearly membership fee is $10.


* Education of the public about the importance of preserving Petrie Island as a natural area to be enjoyed by future generations.

* Preservation of Petrie Island ecology, a Carolinian forest environment made possible by local microclimatic conditions, usually associated with areas of southern Ontario.

* Protection of Petrie Island’s flora and fauna, including turtle habitat and nesting areas and over 130 bird species as well as a rich amphibian, reptile and fish habitat.

You can support our work by taking part in projects or becoming a member. Members receive regular dispatches on upcoming events.

  • Become a member ($10/yr), or make a donation
  • Help out on work days or as a monitor
  • Help with fundraising
  • Play a part in the interpretive program
  • Be a guide for a tour
  • Gather background material or assemble displays

Petrie FAQs

Q: Can I bring my dog to Petrie Island?

A: No, as with all city beaches, dogs are not allowed on the beaches, and are also banned from the entire island because it is a conservation area (Bylaw 2003-77). This applies to both leashed and unleashed dogs, includes all trails, the Conservation Park, and beach areas. The ban applies 365 days a year. Note that trails off  the North Service Road are dog friendly.

Q: Can I bring a BBQ for a picnic?

A: Propane BBQ’s are allowed on the island. There is no limitation on size. Charcoal BBQ’s are prohibited as there is no provision for disposal of waste.

Q: Where are the washrooms located?

A: The only flush toilets on the island are in the main pavilion. Please note that hours for these will vary by season and are operated by the City. Several portable toilets are located around the island from May to October.

Q: Where can I go fishing?

A: Shore fishing areas are along the Basswood and Sunrise trails. Fishing is not permitted along Turtle Trail. Please do not litter; dispose of worm containers and other refuse in trash bins. See map below.

Q: Where can I purchase food?

A: Bananas canteen at the beach pavilion serves food and beverages.

Q: Where can I reserve a space for an event?

A: Areas 1 (Tent) and 2 in the picnic area can be reserved through FOPI. For further details please contact us at inquiries@petrieisland.org.

Areas 3 and 4 and the main beach can be reserved through the City at 613-580-2595.

Q: Can I camp overnight on Petrie Island?

A: No camping is allowed anywhere on the island.







The Friends of Petrie Island sponsor a series of walks and outdoor talks on various aspects of the nature and history of Petrie. Insights and information are provided by local experts on a variety of topics of interest, including plants, ecology, wildlife and the Island’s past uses. Walks take place rain or shine. Keep watching this space fo this year’s events. Hope to see you there!